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Event Description Day Date
Collage Making Competition Collage Making Competition (Class V - Class X) Friday 24/01/2020
Colouring Competition Colouring Competition (Class I - Class IV) Friday 24/01/2020
New Year Card Making Competition New Year Card Making Competition (Class I - Class III) Monday 23/12/2019
Drawing Competition Drawing Competition (Class IV - Class VI) Monday 23/12/2019
Poster Making Competition Poster Making Competition (Class VII - Class X) Monday 23/12/2019
Hindi Debate Competition Hindi Debate Competition (Class VIII-X) Monday 11/11/2019
Rangoli Making Competition Rangoli Making Competition (Class IV-X) Thursday 24/10/2019
Candle/ Diya Decoration Competition Candle/ Diya Decoration Competition (Class I-III) Thursday 24/10/2019
Punjabi Declamation Competition Punjabi Declamation Competition (Class VI-X) Wednesday 23/10/2019
Word Building Competition Word Building Competition (Class III-V) Wednesday 23/10/2019
English Spelling Contest English Spelling Contest (Class I-IV) Monday 21/10/2019
Hindi Story Telling Competition Hindi Story Telling Competition (Class V- X) Monday 21/10/2019
Best Out of Waste Competition Best Out of Waste Competition (Class IV - X) Friday 18/10/2019
Hindi Picture Composition Competition Hindi Picture Composition Competition (Class III - X) Friday 11/10/2019
Punjabi Picture Composition Competition Punjabi Picture Composition Competition (Class III - X) Monday 07/10/2019
English Reading Competition English Reading Competition (Class I - IV) Tuesday 03/09/2019
Rakhi Making Competition Rakhi Making Competition (Class V - X) Wednesday 14/08/2019
Rakhi Colouring/ Making Competition Rakhi Colouring/ Making Competition (Class I - IV) Wednesday 14/08/2019
English Speech/ Patriotic Song Singing Competition English Speech/ Patriotic Song Singing Competition (Class III - X) Tuesday 13/08/2019
Flag Colouring/ Making Competition Flag Colouring/ Making Competition (Class I - II) Tuesday 13/08/2019
English Story Telling Competition English Story Telling Competition (Class V - X) Tuesday 30/07/2019
Punjabi Debate Competition Punjabi Debate Competition (Class VIII - X) Monday 22/07/2019
Punjabi Reading Competition Punjabi Reading Competition (Class II - IV) Wednesday 10/07/2019
English Debate Competition English Debate Competition (Class VIII - X) Wednesday 10/07/2019
Hindi Speech Competition Hindi Speech Competition (Class V - X) Friday 05/07/2019
Hindi Handwriting Competition Hindi Handwriting Competition (Class II - V) Friday 10/05/2019
Creative Writing Competition Creative Writing Competition (Class VI - X) Friday 10/05/2019
English Handwriting Competition English Handwriting Competition (Class I - V) Monday 06/05/2019
Punjabi Handwriting Competition Punjabi Handwriting Competition (Class III - V) Friday 03/05/2019
Display Board Decoration Competition Display Board Decoration Competition (Class V - X) Thursday 25/04/2019
Hindi Reading Competition Hindi Reading Competition (Class II - IV) Thursday 25/04/2019

Our Activities

Since its inception Singhal Stars School has been at the forefront in sporting activities among educational institutions in the region. These lay foundation for the development of an all-round personality, which is an invaluable asset in today's world. To achieve this aim, this school provides facilities for number of indoor and outdoor sports.

best school in mansa has best facilities like skating

Roller Skating

There is a covered Roller Skating Rink with a capacity to accommodate 100 children at one time. Roller Skating is introduced to the children of this school at a very young age. Children of this school are extremely competent in this sport and have won several awards in open championships.

best school in mansa has best facilities like gymnastics


Children are introduced to this sport at an early age. It has its own set of benefits. We intend to popularize this sport amongst our children.

best school in mansa has best facilities like basketball


There is an international size basketball court. Basketball is a brisk sport involving a lot of running, jumping, dribbling the ball, passing it and shooting it. An expert coach trains the students to excel in the sport.

best school in mansa has best facilities like football


There is a lush green ground for Football. Students are exposed to this sport at an early age and are trained by experienced coaches.

best school in mansa has best facilities like cricekt


Cricket is a popular sport amongst children. The school has a cricket ground and children can be seen playing this sport on Saturdays and Sundays.

best school in mansa has best facilities like taekwondo


There is a covered hall for training of students in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a form of martial art that teaches self-protection to the children. Children of the school are taught this art at an early stage to instill self-confidence and to learn to overcome fear.