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Discipline expected from students

Children are expected to reach the school on time. This is to ensure that they do not miss the morning assembly which is an essential part of the daily schedule. The students of this school are expected to come to the school in proper school uniform. They are allowed to wear clothes of their choice on certain occasions such as birthday, celebration of festivals such as Dussehra, Diwali, Independence Day etc.

Students are expected to use the school property like furniture, computers etc with great care.

They should not write or scribble on the school furniture or walls. If a student causes willful damage to the school property, the parents will have to make it good.

Students of the school are also expected to behave in a refined manner wherever they go. Students are expected to keep the school campus clean. They should not throw waste papers, candy wrappers, pencil waste, aluminums foils, and food crumbs etc on the ground.

The school staff takes great care of the children and their belongings. However some things like books, water bottle, ID card, stationery items, skating kit, etc may get misplaced in the school or in the school vans. The school will make reasonable effort to locate the lost article. However the school does not assume responsibility for anything that is lost and will in no way compensate the parent or the child for the lost article.

Parents/guardians are also advised not to give any valuables to their wards. Mobile phones, calculators, toys, crackers, razor blades or other sharp articles are not permitted inside the school campus.

Children participate in several activities like Roller Skating, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Carom and Athletics etc. in the school.

All reasonable care is taken to ensure that the child is safe at all times. But some accidents may happen. A student who suffers any accident on the school premises will be administered first aid and the parents will be informed at the earliest. The school expects the parents to respond to any phone call from the school number immediately.

Our Activities

Since its inception Singhal Stars School has been at the forefront in sporting activities among educational institutions in the region. These lay foundation for the development of an all-round personality, which is an invaluable asset in today's world. To achieve this aim, this school provides facilities for number of indoor and outdoor sports.

best school in mansa has best facilities like skating

Roller Skating

There is a covered Roller Skating Rink with a capacity to accommodate 100 children at one time. Roller Skating is introduced to the children of this school at a very young age. Children of this school are extremely competent in this sport and have won several awards in open championships.

best school in mansa has best facilities like gymnastics


Children are introduced to this sport at an early age. It has its own set of benefits. We intend to popularize this sport amongst our children.

best school in mansa has best facilities like basketball


There is an international size basketball court. Basketball is a brisk sport involving a lot of running, jumping, dribbling the ball, passing it and shooting it. An expert coach trains the students to excel in the sport.

best school in mansa has best facilities like football


There is a lush green ground for Football. Students are exposed to this sport at an early age and are trained by experienced coaches.

best school in mansa has best facilities like cricekt


Cricket is a popular sport amongst children. The school has a cricket ground and children can be seen playing this sport on Saturdays and Sundays.

best school in mansa has best facilities like taekwondo


There is a covered hall for training of students in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a form of martial art that teaches self-protection to the children. Children of the school are taught this art at an early stage to instill self-confidence and to learn to overcome fear.