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Since its inception Singhal Stars School has been at the forefront in sporting activities among educational institutions in the region. These lay foundation for the development of an all-round personality, which is an invaluable asset in today's world. To achieve this aim, this school provides facilities for number of indoor and outdoor sports.

best school in mansa has best facilities like skating

Roller Skating

There is a covered Roller Skating Rink with a capacity to accommodate 100 children at one time. Roller Skating is introduced to the children of this school at a very young age. Children of this school are extremely competent in this sport and have won several awards in open championships.

best school in mansa has best facilities like gymnastics


Children are introduced to this sport at an early age. It has its own set of benefits. We intend to popularize this sport amongst our children.

best school in mansa has best facilities like basketball


There is an international size basketball court. Basketball is a brisk sport involving a lot of running, jumping, dribbling the ball, passing it and shooting it. An expert coach trains the students to excel in the sport.

best school in mansa has best facilities like football


There is a lush green ground for Football. Students are exposed to this sport at an early age and are trained by experienced coaches.

best school in mansa has best facilities like cricekt


Cricket is a popular sport amongst children. The school has a cricket ground and children can be seen playing this sport on Saturdays and Sundays.

best school in mansa has best facilities like taekwondo


There is a covered hall for training of students in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a form of martial art that teaches self-protection to the children. Children of the school are taught this art at an early stage to instill self-confidence and to learn to overcome fear.

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About PROF K L Singhal

He was the founding chairman of 'Singhal Educational Society', the apex body that is responsible for running Singhal Stars Senior School. He was born at Abohar on 2nd November, 1945. He received his early education at his native place. He did his B Sc from P.U. Chandigarh and was a gold medallist. He completed his M Sc in Physics from K. U. and again topped the university. He then opted to pursue teaching as a career. His stint as a teacher started with the opening of the D A V College at Bathinda. He served the college for more than three decades and took voluntary retirement on 31st October, 2001. He was an outstanding teacher of Physics and his fame travelled far and wide. Thousands of young men and women who are today pursuing high profile careers in medicine, engineering or the civil services have had the opportunity to receive the master's touch from Prof Singhal. Read more...

Chairman's Message

The demands and problems of modern life have convinced most parents that the finest and most lasting gift that they can give to their children is a good education and this school strives to provide this in the widest sense of the term.

Pure intentions and sincerity of purpose form the bedrock for the school's foundations. Your child is central to all our systems, practises and procedures.

Our vision is to offer the best educational experience to our students. We endeavour to harness the natural potentialities of each child and mould him into a unique star worthy of emulation by his supporters and detractors. We intend to help you to make your child a star that will light up your present and brighten up his own future, a star whose brilliant radiance is the result of hard work and perseverance, of dedication and fortitude. Read more...

Mrs. Geeta Mittal

Principal's Message

Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great. Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It is really a means to discover new things which we do not know about and increase our knowledge. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you want the best for your child and we are proud to be working with you to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges.
Student who has respect for the teacher will be more receptive to authority and learning. Discipline is an integral part of growth as it helps to develop self control.


10th CBSE | 10th
Achievement: Class 10th CBSE result 2019-20


About us

Singhal Stars School is a co-educational English medium school located on N. M. College Road in Mansa. It is a rare blend of tradition and modernity. It made a humble beginning on 1st April, 2010. Childcare and all round development have become synonyms of the school. This school has set benchmarks in quality, care and infrastructure. The school aims at imparting quality education with special focus on the all round development of every child. The school's prime objective is to develop the overall personality of the children in a healthy and congenial atmosphere. The school also aims to have the state of the art infrastructure. Read More...


Parv Tayal
Class 4-Agni
Birthday: 11/08/2013

Shubhkarman Singh
Class 4-Prithvi
Birthday: 11/08/2013

Class 5-Prithvi
Birthday: 11/08/2012

Class 7-Prithvi
Birthday: 11/08/2010

Namish Garg
Class 9-Vayu
Birthday: 11/08/2008

Yashansh Jindal
Class 9-Prithvi
Birthday: 12/08/2008

Class 8-Agni
Birthday: 12/08/2009

Class 6-Prithvi
Birthday: 12/08/2011

Class 5-Prithvi
Birthday: 13/08/2012

Mehnoor Singh
Class 3-Agni
Birthday: 13/08/2014

Likhit Jindal
Class 8-Vayu
Birthday: 13/08/2009

Prabhreet Kaur
Class 1-Prithvi
Birthday: 13/08/2016

Dhamin Jindal
Class 9-Agni
Birthday: 14/08/2008

Krrish Jindal
Class 8-Prithvi
Birthday: 14/08/2009

Japjeet Singh Sohal
Class 9-Prithvi
Birthday: 14/08/2008

Asees Kaur Chahal
Class 4-Vayu
Birthday: 14/08/2013

Sunaina Jaura
Class 5-Prithvi
Birthday: 14/08/2012

Class 7-Agni
Birthday: 14/08/2010

Tejas Inder Charaya
Class 5-Vayu
Birthday: 15/08/2012

Sampda Garg
Class 6-Vayu
Birthday: 15/08/2011

Parth Jindal
Class 10-Agni
Birthday: 15/08/2007

Maanas Goyal
Class 2-Vayu
Birthday: 16/08/2015

Gurshaan Singh
Class 8-Agni
Birthday: 17/08/2009

Class 8-Agni
Birthday: 17/08/2009

Ishrat Kaur
Class 2-Prithvi
Birthday: 17/08/2015

Mehreen Kaur
Class 2-Vayu
Birthday: 17/08/2015

Harnoordeep Singh
Class 3-Agni
Birthday: 17/08/2014

Asreet Kaur
Class 1-Prithvi
Birthday: 17/08/2016